After a two-year pilot program, the city is drawing up a bylaw to formalize the rules for food trucks on Calgary streets.

The city plans to lift the existing cap of 43 vehicles and establish a licence framework so that new food trucks can join the popular street-food scene.

"We're not looking at any drastic changes. We're looking at maybe solidifying some set rules of how close you can be to a restaurant, how close you can be to a park," said city spokesman Kent Pallister.

Under the proposed bylaw, food trucks must not be longer than 10 metres or have customer seating inside the vehicle.

Trucks will not be allowed to set up closer than 100 metres from city parks — excluding downtown — or schools.

The mobile eateries will have to be at least 25 metres away from an open restaurant, except with permission from that business.

To ensure they remain mobile, trucks will only be allowed to stay in one place for five hours. And to control clustering, only two trucks will permitted on one block-face at a time.

The chief licence inspector will maintain a list of prohibited areas that will be reviewed yearly. Among the areas deemed off-limits would be:

  • Eighth to 14th Street on Ninth Avenue S.E. in Inglewood.
  • 33rd and 34th avenues from Crowchild Trail to 21st Street S.W. in Marda Loop.
  • 17th Avenue to Elbow Drive S.W. in the Beltline.
  • 10th Street between Fifth Avenue and Memorial Drive N.W. in Kensington.
  • Much of the 17th Avenue S.W. Retail and Entertainment District.

After a public consultation period ending June 14, the proposed bylaw goes to the planning and urban development committee on July 17.

If council approves it on July 29, the bylaw will take effect on Sept. 3.