It's been a tricky winter for those who take care of Calgary's outdoor rinks.

The season started off cold, but a recent warm spell has made it challenging to keep the ice nice.

All of Calgary's city-run outdoor rinks have closed for the season and many that are overseen by community associations have also called it quits.

But Carl Brown has managed to keep his neighbourhood ice open.

And we think that's because he's found zen  — riding atop the ice resurfacing machine.

"I work a lot and this gives me a chance to stop. Get away from the computer, get outside you know, get back to the community a little bit," said the rinkmaster for the southwest community of Roxboro.

Roxboro ice rink zamboni

Carl Brown is the rinkmaster at the outdoor rink in Roxboro. He says since they got the ice resurfacer 'it's a bit of a sought after position.' (Paul Karchut/CBC)

"For me it's a relaxation."

Brown, who is a volunteer, drives the machine over the ice every night. The ritual takes him about an hour and he usually doesn't get to bed until midnight.

'Itching to go out'

Brown says maintaining his community rink is something he looks forward to.

"I'll go out for dinner with my wife on a Friday night and come home and she'll turn on the TV to watch a movie," said Brown.

"And I'll just be itching to go out and do the ice because on a Friday, I don't have to worry how late I stay out."

He also says it's beautiful in Roxboro at night.

"You can see all the stars. You can see the northern lights. The wildlife all starts coming out."

Still learning to skate

Ironically, Brown never played hockey or skated much as a child.

He thinks that's because growing up, there wasn't a community rink near his home.

"I'm not very good on my skates. I'm worried about wiping out in the middle of the night by myself," said Brown.

"The kids in the neighbourhood are teaching me."

When the Roxboro rink does close for the season in a few weeks, Brown will have to find something else to keep him mellow until next winter.

He figures that will be — his lawn.

"I take good care of my lawn just like I take good care of the ice. That's my thing."

With files from Paul Karchut