Roof collapses at Calgary seniors' centre

Part of a roof collapsed into the dining room of a Calgary seniors centre, causing minor injuries.

Part of a roof collapsed into the dining room of a Calgary seniors centre, causing minor injuries.

The incident happened at around 12:45 p.m. MT Wednesday at Clifton Manor in the southeast part of the city.

A man in an orange safety vest stands in front of a hole in the roof. (CBC)
Workers and equipment were on the roof, above the dining room, when the incident happened, said fire department spokesman Brian McAsey.

A "large quantity" of roofing materials fell through the hole, according to a city press release.

About 40 people were eating lunch in the centre's dining area when the collapse happened. 

Everyone escaped safely but a few people suffered minor cuts and bruises that were treated at the seniors' home.

Nobody was seriously hurt when part of a roof collapsed at a southeast Calgary seniors' centre on Wednesday. (CBC)
"Nobody was hurt, everybody was OK. So it's under control," said William Stoltz , a client of the centre who was in the building when the incident happened.

Firefighters removed the construction materials from the roof Wednesday afternoon and shored up the affected area in anticipation of an overnight snowstorm.

The care centre at 4726 8th Avenue S.E. has 254 beds and a daytime support program for seniors.

City building officials are working with the fire department and ATCO Gas officials to investigate the incident.