Rogers is holding an open house Monday night for southwest Calgary residents concerned about a new cellphone tower going up in their community.

The company wants to build a new tower on the site of an old ham radio tower and says it is exempt from filing a formal application — and holding community consultations — because the proposed tower is of similar height to the old one. 

"They can pretty much do as they please and they didn't even have to put in a formal application to Industry Canada," said Virginia Van Hahn, who lives nearby. "They're just doing what they're doing and no one is telling them that they can't."

Residents want Rogers to submit an application to the city's Land Use Authority before building.

Rogers says it has halted construction for now, but residents say workers continued to build on the site last week.

According to Rogers, the company was only working to secure the 12-metre hole left open on the site when construction stopped.

The open house will take place Monday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the scout hall at 1919 19th Street S.W.