Some Rocky View residents are concerned about a blog post by a county councillor.

"To make the county run smoother, I need three things... one is a backhoe... another is a gun... another is permission to use it," wrote Bearspaw councillor Al Sacuta on Wednesday.

He says the comment was just taken the wrong way and it was an attempt at humour.


Al Sacuta says his blog post was not a threat, but an attempt at humour. (CBC)

But there is a lot of controversy and anger over new developments in Bearspaw and Springbank, and some readers took his post as a threat.

RCMP say they are investigating two complaints from residents.

"I see the sarcasm on that blog site quite often and it bothers me," said Rolly Ashdown, the county's reeve.

"You know, why not just try and be a little bit more understanding for everybody's position."

Sacuta says he didn't mean it as a threat.

"I think it perhaps shows how poor a job this council is doing, including me, that people are this worked up that that could even be remotely considered as possible," he said.

Sacuta posted his explanation and an apology on his website at 

At least one resident is calling for Sacuta's resignation, but he says that's not going to happen.

The county says it remains to be seen if disciplinary action will be taken against him.