Ron Liepert, who is seeking a federal Conservative nomination in Calgary, alleges his competitor is making impersonating phone calls.

The former provincial Progressive Conservative MLA says Rob Anders’ campaign is calling constituents and saying the calls are from Liepert's campaign.

Liepert and the long-standing incumbent will face off for the Conservative nomination for Calgary Signal Hill in early April.

Liepert claims he has heard complaints from constituents, some of whom called back the number and were connected with Anders' campaign office.

"They received calls Friday night, both identifying themselves as the Conservative Party of Canada and the Ron Liepert campaign, asking how they were going to vote on the nomination."

Liepert said he has asked the party to investigate and said his lawyers are looking into the calls.

"The tactic they took, frankly, is one that is not only underhanded, and clearly despicable, but I believe, is against the law,” he said.

"I think this is a serious, serious breach, not only of the Canada Elections Act, but of the Criminal Code of Canada and so we've asked to have it investigated and we'll see what the results are. But again, it shows the kind of underhandedness that this guy typically resorts to and we aren't going to let him get away with it."

Liepert doesn't think it will have much of a difference on the nomination, since membership sales ended last week and he doesn't think there are many undecided voters.

Anders declined to comment.