The city plans to expand a northwest Calgary interchange to ease truck traffic in the area.

At an open house Wednesday, project managers explained the need to improve the intersection at Stoney Trail and Sarcee Trail N.W. 

"The need is based on the truck traffic and the industry in the area," said Logan Tolsma, a senior project engineer with the City of Calgary.

"We're needing to make the roadway safer and more efficient for truck traffic."

The interchange was designed to accommodate passenger vehicle traffic. But now, heavy commercial traffic is causing delays and safety concerns, Tolsma said.

"At the time, the truck traffic was known but to this level it was not fully understood," he explained. "Since that time the communities in the surrounding areas have requested that this be reviewed."

Stoney Interchange 2

The proposed changes to a northwest Calgary intersection were on display at an open house on Wednesday. (Supplied)

About 20 people gathered at the Foothills Alliance Church to learn about the project and voice their concerns. 

"I think some more emphasis needs to be put on the north route as well with the merging traffic going into the Beacon Hill mall," said Steve Jepson, who lives close in the area.

"It's a highly used area and I think Stoney needs to be used a little more than it is by some of the truckers." 

The expansion will include a loop ramp between southbound Sarcee and eastbound Stoney Trail. A section of 112th Avenue N.W. between 69th Street and Sarcee Trail would also widen from two to four lanes.

The improvements to the interchange will be funded by the city, which is looking to begin construction in the spring.