Calgary-Hayes MLA Ric McIver is officially in the running for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.

The former provincial minister and alderman submitted his paperwork Monday morning, including the required 500 signatures of support.

McIver said he's looking forward to spending the next three months touring the province in his pickup truck.

"Four-point-one million Albertans are my boss and for me, I'm going to make the effort to go look them in the eye, shake their hand and hear what is important,” he said.

Even though the campaign is in its infancy, McIver said the leadership race is already starting to renew the long-governing Tory party.

Former federal cabinet minister Jim Prentice submitted his documents to enter the party’s leadership race last week.

Edmonton Area MLA Thomas Lukaszuk, the only other person who has announced his intention to run, has yet to file the paperwork. 

Candidates have to deliver a $20,000 non-refundable deposit. They must pay another $30,000 when nominations close at the end of the month.