Being prepared likely saved a Hinton, Alta. man from serious harm after spending a chilly night on a mountainside while snowmobiling near Revelstoke, B.C., RCMP say.

The 48-year-old sledder was reported missing about 8:30 p.m. Sunday after the group of riders from Hinton, Alta. travelled from the Boulder Mountain cabin to their accommodations at Peaks Lodge and he was no longer with them.

Search and rescue crews were called out and combed the mountainside until 4:30 a.m., said RCMP Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky.

"They closed Boulder Mountain to simplify the search," he said.

Rescue crews in a helicopter spotted the man about 9 a.m. Monday.

"He was off in an open, gladed area," said Grabinsky. "He was fine, he was a bit tired and disoriented from spending the night in the mountains."

The man was able to ride his sled off the mountain to an area where searchers were waiting.

"He was an experienced sledder, he had a good sled, he had the usual items, the backpack with the gear," said Grabinsky.

"He was prepared."

RCMP recommend anyone heading into the backcountry carry a shovel, probe and beacon with them along with food and water and be dressed to possibly spend the night.

"Most people laugh at that idea... but as we can hear, this gentleman didn't [plan to spend the night] either, but he was prepared by having the right gear."

Grabinsky said recent snowstorms have drawn a large number of backcountry enthusiasts to the area.