Restaurant reviewer John Gilchrist decided to check out a seafood restaurant in northeast Calgary this week.

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Big Fish, located at 1112 Edmonton Trail, is affiliated with the Open Range steakhouse.

But Gilchrist says where Open Range does all things meaty, Big Fish offers fresh seafood "dock-side cuisine."

He tried the seafood chowder, but felt there was too much of an asian citrus oil overpowering the dish.

Then he had "huge" mussels in a green curry sauce with a "terrific" broth followed by a warm nicoise salad of albacore tuna, baby potatoes, sundried olives, yellow beets and anchovies.

His guest had the crab and seafood cakes, but the dish was missing the advertised grapefruit side, followed by fish tacos that were also light on some promised ingredients.

"It was a very odd meal," said Gilchrist. "Some of the things were really good, some of the things were missing and some of the things were just OK. So it was a really difficult one to review."

But he said they had a good time, and liked the nautical-themed room with an oyster bar that wraps around the kitchen.


In the end, restaurant reviewer John Gilchrist gave Big Fish a 7.5 out of 10.