The Calgary Humane Society is seeking new homes for a number of exotic snakes rescued from a Calgary-area home this spring.

Snake adoption

One of the snakes rescued from a Calgary home now up for adoption. (CBC)

The organization says it does not have room to keep the animals. There are nine snakes ready for adoption, including six boa constrictors. 

Phil Fulton of the Calgary Humane Society said the snakes may be exotic but they are easy to care for. 

"They're perfect if you have allergies," he said, adding they only shed once a month.

Fulton says the snakes are easy to clean up after, as feedings only happen monthly.

Jim Dyke, the owner of pet shop J & J Reptiles, said snakes make great pets but warns people to do their homework.

"People think if you just keep it in a smaller enclosure it's going to stay small," he said.

"If you feed it, it's going to grow."

The snakes are available for adoption from the Calgary Humane Society for a cost of $50.