A small dog is back in the warm arms of her B.C. owner after being rescued from the frigid Bow River Thursday afternoon, twice, a fire department official says.

Terra, the rescue dog

Terra, a terrier cross, was rescued twice from the frigid Bow River in Calgary Thursday afternoon. (CBC)

Terra, a terrier cross rescue dog from California, got away from her owner while in Calgary Tuesday, Carol Henke of the Calgary Fire Department said.

"The dog jumped out of the vehicle and ran away before they could catch her and just could never find her again," Henke said.

The owner, visiting from B.C., took to social media to try to locate the dog she rescued 10 months ago.

Terra, the rescue dog.

Terra is a terrier cross from California rescued by a woman who lives in B.C. Terra recently got away from her owner and was on the lam for 2 days before she was spotted on an ice ledge on the Bow River near the Calgary Zoo Thursday. (Facebook)

"She had tried through social media, Facebook, everywhere. She had been walking the streets to try to find this little dog."

A 9-1-1 caller spotted what appeared to be a small dog on an ice ledge near St. George's Island just before 1 p.m. Thursday.

The fire department dispatched the aquatics rescue team armed with its rapid deployment craft, an inflatable boat used for rescues.

"They did manage to get the dog off the ice ledge," Henke said.

"The dog was very cold and scared."

After being rescued, a "very frightened" Terra managed to wriggle free from her rescuers and bolted.

Terra, the rescue dog.

Terra, a rescue dog, got away from her owner Tuesday. She was spotted on an ice ledge on the Bow River Thursday and was rescued. Twice. (CBC)

So she was rescued, once again.

Henke says the rescue team met with animal bylaw officers at a nearby parking lot and Terra was taken to the animal services centre where Terra's owner was waiting.

"The dog is reunited with her owner and [her owner] cried tears of joy, she was just so overwhelmed with relief and happiness to get her dog back," Henke said.

"The dog has warmed up and appears very happy in her owner's arms."