The Calgary Foundation is giving the city a grade no higher than "B+" when it comes to some key quality of life indicators.

The organization released its annual Vital Signs report card Tuesday after asking residents to grade the city in 15 key areas – including housing, the environment, and safety – to measure the quality of life in the city.

The organization gives Calgary the lowest grade a – "C" – for "getting around."

"We received positive feedback on Calgary’s extensive bike paths and designated bike lanes, completion of road construction projects, increased transit service and the West LRT expansion. We also heard concerns about transit overcrowding, long commute times, and road safety," according to the report.

Transportation is an issue that comes up every year, according to Kerry Longpre of the Calgary Foundation.

"Calgarians are concerned about congestion and yet, it could be worse. In the report we show there are 16 cities in North America that are much more congested than we are," Longpre said.

Longpre also says 50 per cent of trips into the downtown core are now by LRT or bus.

The best grade – a "B +" – was handed out for employment.

"Respondents remarked on the abundance of job opportunities and the low unemployment rate. Growing income disparity, including lack of living wage and the increased number of working poor were areas of concern for citizens."

The results of the sixth annual Calgary Vital Signs Report are based on responses from just over 1,000 people.