The Calgary Board of Education has unveiled its plans to create a common report card system for students in kindergarten to Grade 9.

The revamped reports will be based on a numerical scale of one through four and teacher comments will be part of the reporting process, the public school board announced on Wednesday.

The scale will break down this way:

  • 4 – Excellent: The student has demonstrated excellent achievement of grade level expectations.
  • 3 – Good: The student has demonstrated good achievement of grade level expectations.
  • 2 – Basic: The student has demonstrated basic achievement of grade level expectations.
  • 1 – Not meeting: The student is not meeting grade level expectations.

The first report card will be sent home from early December to late January, the second at the end of June. 

The CBE announced last year it planned to cut the number of report cards per year from three to two and that it was considering dropping the personalized comment portion.

But that had many parents worried about the quality of information they would get about their children’s progress.

The board said it subsequently took the time “to listen to and consider the thoughts and ideas shared by students, parents and staff” before settling on the new reporting practices revealed this week.

"We are trying to build consistency across the system that puts the focus on the students learning and then accurately reflects that learning to the parents and they can work with that child moving forward," said Dennis Parsons, superintendent of learning services.

Frank Bruseker, president of the Calgary Public Teachers’ Association, said he believes teachers will be happy with the new format.

“When I looked at it, my immediate thought was this is much clearer than what we've had for the past year and that's a good thing,” he said.

The board of says the changes take effect in the fall but it still plans to tweak the system as needed.

There are no immediate plans to modify report cards for students in Grades 10 to 12, the board said.