Reggaefest organizers are taking advice from Bob Marley this year after a scheduling conflict has them sharing space at Mewata Armoury with the Department of National Defence.

The event has been held at Shaw Millennium Park for the past nine years, but this year the Department of National Defence is hosting the 100th anniversary of the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry and had booked space in the parking lot right beside the festival.

After sorting out some problems with parking, Reggaefest organizers say they are just planning on having a good time.

"Don't worry, about a thing, everything's going to be alright," said Leo Cripps, one of the festival's organizers, in reference to Bob Marley's song Three Little Birds. 

"We are not really concerned about what's happening next door. We will acknowledge that something is happening next door, all our vendors, our patrons will know that is happening and you know, we will work in the best interest of every one of the parties involved."

Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes, one of the organizers for the 100th anniversary celebration, says he hopes the soldiers will keep an open mind. (CBC)

Paul Hughes is the organizer of the 100th anniversary celebration, as well as a veteran himself.

Hughes says he is not quite sure what the veterans will think of reggae music.

"I know that we are a very, very diverse group of individuals and I've heard just about everything from Norwegian death metal to classical music from the guys, so I have no idea what to expect and what the reaction is going to be but personally, I am going to enjoy the reggae music myself," he said."

Hughes says he has been reassured that the speeches and other performances won't be drowned out.