Two snowy owls and a young red fox that were taken in by a Calgary rescue group are about to get permanent homes.

Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo has agreed to take the animals over from the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.

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The group had rescued the fox kit, which they named Simon, when he was just days old after a dog had taken him from his den. Attempts to return the fox to its home were not successful, as the den could not be located.

The two snowy owls were also determined to not be releasable, but will now have access to a large habitat and ongoing veterinary care. One of the owls — a favourite among volunteers named Aurora — has been at CWRS since 2005 after suffering a traumatic injury to one of her wings.

The society says Aurora was a "wonderful education ambassador" for the centre and educational programs during her stay with the society.


Simon, a red fox, was rescued when he was just days old by the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. (