A small recycling company in central Alberta says the government should charge a recycling fee on electronic equipment to help keep "e-waste" out of landfills.

"We need a group or an association to administer the program," says Shelley Whatmore, president of Maxus Technologies, a plant that opened Wednesday in Rimbey.

"Someone has to make sure that these products are collected because electronic equipment is big and bulky," she says.

Workers at the new plant will either find new life for old computers and TVs or take them apart for recycling. Whatmore says "e-waste" is anything that has a circuit board in it including; computers, cell phones, TV's, and stereos.

She says besides taking up a lot of room in landfills, these products also contain things like lead and other metals.

Whatmore says her company is encouraging the government to impose a recycling levy on electronic goods similiar to the recycling charge on tires. "That fee ensures that the tires are recycled properly and we have to do the same thing for computers."

Minister of Environment Lorne Taylor says his department is examining the idea but wouldn't commit to imposing a recycling levy.

In some American states, governments have prohibited "e-waste" from entering landfills.

Whatmore says it's unlikely the province would go that far, but she says a recycling fee would help cut the amount of "e-waste" that ends up at the dump.