The RCMP says too many drivers going through the mountain parks have lead feet.

Police in the Bow Valley issued more than 10,000 tickets in a crackdown on speeding last year inside Banff National Park, and mostly to Calgarians, said Cpl. Chris Blandford.

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“But it is most disconcerting especially since they know about the park and we feel that they should know about the speed limit within the park,” he said.

Blandford said he even caught a driver going 212 kilometres per hour near Lake Louise.

“He was fined $2,300 and lost his licence for, I believe it was 90 days,” he said.

Blandford believes speeding contributes to the number of animals killed on highways in the parks.

“Our priority is to eliminate death or injury in the park, whether it’s human or animal,” he said.