Rare Apache tomahawk goes missing in downtown park

A Calgary man is appealing for help to find an Apache tomahawk he accidently left in a downtown park.

Calgary collector lost historical artifact while trying to get its value appraised

The Apache tomahawk, from the mid-19th century, went missing in Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary. (CBC)

A Calgary man is appealing for help to find an Apache tomahawk he accidentally left in a downtown park.

Paul Gervais had taken the circa-1850 artifact to have it appraised at the Glenbow Museum when he set it down to take some photos in Olympic Plaza.

It was gone by the time he went to pick it up again.

“I couldn’t believe I was that stupid,” he said. “It’s devastating me.”

The rare artifact, which is similar to an axe, is made out of the jaw bone of a horse and has a feather attached to it.

“It’s stained red, so it was a functional weapon in its day,” Gervais said.

Gervais said it was given to him as a gift and has huge importance to him.

“It’s part of my aboriginal culture, but it’s also part of my art collection,” he said.

 “I’ve never seen anything like it as far as being a one-of-a-kind item.”

Gervias is making posters of the tomahawk to put up downtown and he’s checking pawn shops for it.

A reward is being offered for its return.


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