Park rangers in the Bow Valley are trying to track down a cougar after several attacks on animals in the area.

Over the past week, a dog and a miniature horse were killed by a cougar. Those who found the carcasses say it came as quite the shock.

"I was pretty shocked and upset," said Tim Kilgour, a wrangler at the Rafter Six Ranch who saw dingo attacks while working in Australia. "It kind of hurts when you lose an animal like that."

The miniature horse, named Nacho, was about 15-years-old and a favourite with the children who visit the ranch near Exshaw.

While more precautions are being made to prevent future attacks, this wasn't the first time and likely won't be the last.

"We've had two attacks from a cougar this year alone, whereas before that I think we only ever had one cougar attack before," said David Cowley, barn manager at Rafter Six Ranch.

Cowley says cougar attacks are on the rise.

Rangers are trying to catch the cougar before it kills again and have set up a cougar trap, using Nacho's carcass as bait.