The three-year-old boy who was found dead in his Ranchlands home was described as an "angel" by neighbours who cared for the child when his mother was in hospital last summer.

Police were called to the home for a "check on welfare" on Saturday night around 10 p.m. and found Fatim Bamba in non-life-threatening condition as well as the body of her son, Isaiah. Fatim was taken to hospital.

The homicide unit is investigating Isaiah's death.

Isaiah Zoue Ranchlands homicide

Isaiah, 3, was found dead in his mother's Ranchlands home on Jan. 30, 2016. (Facebook)

Always bouncing 

Sasha Moline looked after Isaiah when Fatim was in hospital for blood transfusions following hip surgery last year. 

"He was bouncing around here and out front all the time," she said. "So he was a lot of fun to have around."

The first time she and her fiancee met Isaiah, he had wandered in through their open door and was tapping on the glass of their fish tank. He was soon followed by his mother. 

"She was always hot on his heels. He was fast," said Moline.

'Diligent mom'

Neighbours say Fatim and her son had been living in the home — a subsidized housing complex — for about two years.

Moline says she was in bed watching a movie on Saturday and found out the next day from neighbours that Isaiah was dead. 

"Saw him just the day before, bouncing around outside with mom," she said. 

Fatim was "nothing but a diligent mom," according to Moline. 

"She did nothing but what was best for Isaiah."

More details will be released after an autopsy.

Ranchlands suspicious death

A child was found dead inside a Ranchlands home on Sunday night. (Dave Gilson/CBC)