The city is providing a temporary prayer space downtown for Calgary's Muslim taxi drivers observing Ramadan during Stampede week.  

The Islamic holy month overlaps with the Stampede this year, which is one of the busiest times for the city's taxi industry.  

The tent will let Muslim drivers break their fast and pray at sunset and then get back to work faster, said Joseph Clohessy, a spokesman for the Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee.

No public money is being used for the tent, which is in a parking lot on Ninth Avenue at Fourth Street southeast.  

"The funding for this is fairly modest, $2,500 to put it together, and it all comes from the licensing fees that the taxi drivers pay, so this is the industry taking care of the industry," he said.

Clohessy said the tent will be reviewed once Stampede is over to see what kind of need there will be in the future.   Ramadan and the Stampede will overlap for the next few years.