Further details of job cuts have been announced at CBC News, but the exact number of people who will be losing their posts in Calgary is still to be determined, the station's managing director said Thursday.

"It will be some time before the actual job impacts on the Calgary station will be determined. We do know that we will have to get by with slightly fewer resources, but we remain committed to serving our listeners, viewers and online users with news they want and have come to expect from the CBC," Diane Humber, managing director of CBC Calgary, said in a statement.

The announcement came as CBC supporters were planning a rally outside the public broadcaster's Westmount Boulevard building for 4:30 p.m. MT Friday.

"The motivation behind the rally is to show support for the CBC and put pressure on the federal government to actively support and provide a level of funding that enables the service to continue at least at the level it has been, if not even better," said Grant Neufeld, one of the organizers. 

CBC News announced plans Thursday to reorganize its newsgathering with an emphasis on chasing news around the clock. Senior executives spoke to staff across the country and warned there will be layoffs in some areas of news, while others are to see new resources.

Specific announcements still to come

Jennifer McGuire, interim head of news for CBC, said specific announcements of new programs and schedules would come later this year and through early 2010.

The reorganization coincides with a $7-million cut to CBC News and the elimination of more than 70 jobs in the division. The total number of layoffs could be reduced if some employees opt for retirement.

Last month, the CBC announced it had to cut $171 million from its operating costs in 2009-10, including its news departments, to make up for a shortfall in advertising revenue. The broadcaster said it would trim 800 positions across all its operations, including its French arm, Radio-Canada.

CBC Calgary staff learned at the time that three radio positions could be cut and Living Calgary, a lifestyle show on CBC-TV, would be cancelled. Wild Rose, CBC Radio One's lunchtime provincial program, will also be shortened from two hours to one.