Some call it an eyesore while others think it's unique, but now an unusual piece of property in downtown Banff is being torn down and redeveloped.

The small, old house is located on 204 Wolf Street and is surrounded by three huge concrete walls.

Twenty years ago disagreements between the owner of the house and developers of Cascade Plaza shopping mall led to the plaza being literally built around the house.

Darren Enns with the Town of Banff said he is on board with the decision to tear it down.

"I think our municipal planning commission sees this is a great opportunity to cover up an unfortunate decision that was made pre-incorporation with the Cascade Plaza concrete walls," said Enns.

The house, most recently Timbers restaurant, will be replaced with a three-storey commercial complex.

The project is currently awaiting final approval.

Demolition could start as early as November.