Puppy raisers needed to help train assistance dogs

A group that breeds, raises and trains assistance dogs — which have been shown to benefit anybody with a physical disability or limited mobility — needs more volunteers in Calgary.
Calgary group needs people to raise assistance dogs. 1:51

A group that breeds, raises and trains assistance dogs — which have been shown to benefit anybody with a physical disability or limited mobility — needs more volunteers. 

The Pacific Assistance Dog Society started in British Columbia 25 years ago and came to Calgary in 2002.

They teach puppies to obey different word commands to become the arms and legs for clients.

"You have to have that solid puppy to begin with, that dog that ... their willingness to work for you is really high, so that's a big difference between our dogs that we raise in our programs and say a puppy from a regular breeder," said head trainer Heather Kidd.

There are currently 16 volunteer puppy raisers in the area.

Vern Trevoy, 83, is a past client and says his life would have turned out differently if wasn't for his PADS companion Charlie.

"Loyal, loving and always there when I needed him," he said.

To find out more information, check out the pads.ca website.