There's a group of dog owners in Calgary who really love pugs....

Pug eats watermelon

(Pugsters Calgary/Facebook)

And regularly throw parties for their furbabies.

"They all look kind of the same but all of the members can tell their pug apart," said Libby Porter, with the Pugsters Calgary meetup group.

Pug Meetup group Calgary

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St. Pugster's Day...

St. Pugtrick's Day

(Pugsters Calgary/Facebook)



(Pugsters Calgary/Facebook)

Pugetine's Day...

Pugs valentine's day

(Pugsters Calgary/Facebook)

And Pug Prom.

Pug Prom Calgary

(Calgary Pugsters/Facebook)

Members vote for who they think should be the pug king and queen.

This year, it's Yuri and Hulk.

Pug Prom

The pair will be crowned on Saturday at a northeast Calgary dog store.  

If you'd like to attend, send the group a message through the Calgary Pugsters Facebook Page.

With files from the CBC's Falice Chin