Many Grade 3 students in Calgary public schools will not be writing provincial achievement tests (PATs) this June.

The Calgary Board of Education is getting ahead of the province’s plan to eliminate the end-of-term PATs by 2015, said chief superintendent Naomi Johnson.

Grade 3 children will be tested in reading and math at the beginning of the school year instead.

“The teacher can actually use that information that they get at the beginning of the year to build a learning plan for each and every student in their classrooms. So that's I think the advantage,” she said.

The new tests will be done online and not all at the same time.

Next year is a pilot during which principals can decide whether to use the provincial achievement tests or not, Johnson said.

In May, the province said PATs for Grades 3, 6 and 9 would be eliminated in phases and replaced with more student-friendly literacy and numeracy assessments at the beginning of school years.

Calgary's Catholic board has already dropped the PATs for all Grade 3 students.