A Calgary jury is now hearing testimony about whether a prominent Calgary psychiatrist facing several sexual assault charges is mentally fit to stand trial.

Aubrey Levin, 73, is charged with sexually assaulting 10 male patients.

Last week, Court of Queen's Bench Justice Donna Shelley declared Levin physically able to stand trial. Now the issue of his mental capability is before the jury.

Erica Levin, Aubrey’s wife of 45 years, testified Wednesday that her husband’s mental capacity has been deteriorating since he was first charged back in March 2010.

However, Levin said she’s noticed the most marked difference in the last few months, saying these days Levin is not even able to make sure he’s done up his pants after he’s used the washroom.


In 2010, Alberta Justice sent out 59 letters to lawyers whose clients were under court orders to see Dr. Aubrey Levin. ((CBC))

Geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Lilian Thorpe testified Wednesday that Levin has cognitive impairment of dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s.

"It would be grossly unfair for this man to stand trial," said Thorpe.

Alain Hepner, Levin’s lawyer, is arguing that his client is suffering from vascular dementia.

The application is expected to last at least three more days.