A new University of Calgary study is recommending that families with autistic children should get more help from the government.

Researchers say Alberta provides good support for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but say that services fall off when children turn 18 and have to take an IQ test to determine whether they can continue to get help.

The executive director of Autism Calgary says those tests don't examine how well the person can socialize.

Lyndon Parakin is the father of two autistic children, one of whom is improving with care.

β€œHe may be one of these people with autisms that might not be eligible for adult services. As a parent you sometimes fear they succeed too much because they drop off the cliff from support to no support. Although at the same time, that's also your dream β€” that they improve.”

A study estimates it would cost more than $30,000 to pay professionals for the care provided by families for low-needs children.

It would cost more than $158,000 a year to pay for the care families provide for high-needs children.