Frank Oberle, the minister responsible for disabled persons, said Friday the person has received treatment for burns and blisters to the legs and buttocks. (CBC)

An investigation is underway into an incident at a care home in southern Alberta after a person was put into a bath full of scalding water and received burns to their lower body.

"The injuries sustained are to the ankles and buttocks," said Frank Oberle, Alberta's associate human services minister. 

"They're not life threatening, but that's really not the point — it could have been. I'm deeply distressed that it happened at all and certainly take no solace in the fact that they're not life-threatening injuries."

Oberle said at this time he can't reveal any more details.

The incident happened at a private facility working under contract to the province.

Last year, a man died in Calgary after being scalded in bath water under provincial care.

90-year-old woman also died in 2004 after being scalded in an Edmonton nursing home.

Oberle says this latest case isn't severe, but is serious.

He says after the death in 2011, roughly 2,000 temperature control devices have been installed in care homes around the province.

Oberle says staff have been trained in how to try to prevent scaldings and he can't understand how this incident could have happened.