The Alberta government is introducing new traffic rules that will give municipalities more power over playground zones.

The Enhancing Safety on Alberta Roads Act will allow municipalities to set the rules for when reduced speeds are in effect at playground zones — a power they already have over school zones.

“Following passage of the legislation, municipalities could align playground and school zone hours to suit local needs, reducing confusion for drivers and providing better protection for children,” the province said in a written release.

Calgary parent Nora Horner said she thinks the new arrangement could reduce confusion among drivers about when they must slow down.

"To make it all one time would make a lot of sense I think, people would always just slow down,” she said.

McIver said municipalities have been asking for these changes.

Bill 32 will amend the Traffic Safety Act and the Highways Development Protection Act.

The legislation will also give the province the right to designate lanes for specific uses on provincial highways.

Municipalities already have the authority to control lane use on municipal roads, but the provincial government lacks that power for provincial highways, officials said.

The new legislation would allow the province to address unique traffic flow issues by establishing such things as priority bus lanes, and designated lanes for slow-moving vehicles.