The province might be moving closer to legislating who can use indoor tanning salons.

It's something advocacy groups say is long overdue.

When it comes to teens and indoor tanning, the legislation varies from province to province.

But in Alberta, legislation doesn't exist — at least not yet.

CBC News has learned the province's Health Department has created a Science Advisory Committee to look at the risks.

In an email, the department says there is "consensus on the need for artificial tanning regulations" to protect Albertans aged 18 and under.

Alberta is one of the last provinces to look into it says Sarah Hawkins, a public policy analyst with the Canadian Cancer Society.

She says her group wasn't asked to sit on the committee but that they did know about these behind-the-scenes discussions.

"They have told us that they are in the process of building recommendations that they will be submitting to the health minister," said Sarah.

The health department says all options are on the table as they consider what to do next.

Hawkins says the best next step would be an outright ban for Albertans 18 and under.