Calgary police say a new provincial fee for looking up vehicle owner information will cost the department $3.7 million a year.

As of this month, police will be charged $15 every time they request information from Service Alberta about the registered owner of a vehicle in order to mail out tickets for speeding and red light violations caught by intersection cameras.

The city's parking authority will also have to pay the fee when trying to issue parking tickets, which could add up to another $5.8 million in lost revenue for the City of Calgary.

Police and parking authorities used to be exempt from paying this fee, but because of the recent provincial budget, the new fee applies to all municipalities in Alberta.

"The big concern is there was no consultation that was done prior to this being implemented," said Calgary police spokesman Kevin Brookwell. "As you know, Calgary is right in the middle of approving or putting together our budget. So this impact of where these additional funds are going to come from is causing great concern."

Province won't absorb rising costs

The province is expecting to bring in an extra $12 million a year by raising the fees it charges to look up the owners of vehicles.

The demand for the information is increasing and the province can't keep absorbing the rising costs, said Sharon Lopatka of Service Alberta.

"The cost of providing registry product services and information has been steadily increasing, however we haven't changed our rates since 2002 and this new fee better reflects the cost of doing services."

The added costs could eventually get passed on to drivers who break the rules, but raising the price of a parking ticket involves changing municipal bylaws and the province sets the fines for driving violations, such as speeding.