The Town of Canmore, west of Calgary, is taking steps to ensure residents living near Cougar Creek are protected from a flood.

From June to mid-July, heavy rain and melting snow off the mountains poured through the creek, taking out pathways, eroding the banks and threatening nearby homes.

As a result, the province decided to provide disaster assistance which resulted in the town spending $1.2 million on repairs to the area around the creek.

"That's been largely to re-armour the banks of Cougar Creek where flood damage had significantly eroded them last spring," said Andy Esarte, manager of engineers for the town.

Temporary pathways are still in place, but repair work on the permanent pathways will be done later this year.

Meanwhile, Tim Wilson with Municipal Affairs, is reminding any residents who may have been affected by the flood that this Sunday is the deadline to apply for disaster assistance.

"Download the application and fill it out and get the process going even if you haven't started, if you believe you're eligible," Wilson explained.

The work this year should help diminish damage along Cougar Creek if another flood occurs this spring, but the town is talking with the province about teaming up to pay for a bigger and more costly plan to fully protect the area from future flooding.