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  • Thursday July 21, 2016

    Audio Author Ghada Alatrash

    A Calgary writer has put pen to paper to share her experience as a Syrian-born woman who now lives in Canada. Ghada Alatrash is the author of Stripped to the Bone: Portraits of a Syrian Women"

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  • Thursday July 21, 2016

    Audio Entertainment Column with Susan Holzman

    The Lougheed House turns 125, a new film festival that celebrates fashion and Theatre Calgary's Hamlet - A Ghost Story on the entertainment column with Susan Holzman

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  • Thursday July 21, 2016

    Audio CBC Doc on growth of Indian weddings

    A new documentary airing on CBC is taking a critical look at the growth of Indian weddings in Canada. Bal Brach is the producer behind Little India Big Business

    Listen 6:34
  • Wednesday July 20, 2016

    Audio Atco Blue Flame Column This Week: Carrots

    Chef Paul Dokmanovic from Atco Blue Flame kitchen has some great ideas for fresh preparing carrots.

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  • Wednesday July 20, 2016

    Audio Mayor Naheed Nenshi on Civic Census

    The new civic census is out and it shows that despite the downturn in the economy, Calgary's population is up. Mayor Naheed Nenshi breaks down the numbers.

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  • Tuesday July 19, 2016

    Audio Stargazing with Alan Dyer

    There is a full moon tonight.... but you don't need to lose your head. Despite what folklore and urban legends might tell you, the Full Moon is a great time to do some stargazing.Alan Dyer is an astronomy author and photographer.

    Listen 6:22
  • Tuesday July 19, 2016

    Audio Book Columnist Anne Logan

    This week, the Homestretch's summer books columnist -- Anne Logan -- is tackling short stories.

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  • Tuesday July 19, 2016

    Audio Travel Writer Robin Esrock on Quebec

    Travel writer and Homestretch columnist has travel suggestions for us across the country. This week he takes us to la belle province...Quebec.

    Listen 5:42
  • Monday July 18, 2016

    Audio Brian Keating on Sable Island

    Brian Keating is on another adventure this week: an expedition exploring the Gulf of St. Laurence and Sable Island. He describes the wild horses, seals and birds that make this their home.

    Listen 7:13
  • Monday July 18, 2016

    Audio Hayley Wickenheiser on Doping Report

    The World Anti-Doping Agency wants to see Russia kicked out of next month's Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Olympic Medalist Hayley Wickenheiser joins Doug.

    Listen 7:01

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