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  • Wednesday June 28, 2017

    Audio Calum Lykan on 'Scottish Bedtime Stories'

    On Friday, Ayrshire County's own Calum Lykan is going to give Calgary a taste of what bedtime stories sound like in his homeland with a one-night-only show at the Loose Moose Theatre. He joined Frank Rackow to talk about his "Scottish Bedtime Stories."

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  • Tuesday June 27, 2017

    Audio Fundraising versus cash-for-access in municipal election campaigns

    What is the line between honest fundraising and cash for access? Duff Conacher has a few thoughts on the matter. He's the co-founder of He joined guest host Frank Rackow.

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  • Tuesday June 27, 2017

    Audio Night sky guide for Canada Day

    We're coming up to the Canada Day long weekend, where you'll likely be looking up into the night sky watching fireworks. But also watch out for some epic astronomical sights occurring this weekend. Alan Dyer is a local astronomy author and photographer.

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  • Monday June 26, 2017

    Audio A giant red ball is visiting Calgary hotspots

    When talking about public art in Calgary, one must mention the Giant Blue Ring. Well, move over big circle! Because for the next few days, you've got some competition from a giant red ball. Our very own Jenny Howe visited the ball at the Peace Bridge.

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  • Monday June 26, 2017

    Audio Cyre family road trip update from Kingston, Ontario

    Calgary's Cyre family is celebrating Canada's 150th by taking a four month road trip across the country. Jeff Cyre, his wife Shelley, their three kids and their Giant Schanuzer are travelling with a tiny trailer in tow. The spoke with Frank Rackow.

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  • Monday June 26, 2017

    Audio The Green Line is a "go" in Calgary

    City council voted today on the mega-project which some have said will alter Calgary's development over the next 100 years. The CBC's municipal affairs reporter Scott Dippel has been following the debate today at city hall.

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  • Monday June 26, 2017

    Audio Brian Keating: Robins

    Its always lovely to hear the sound of a robin first thing in the morning. Our naturalist Brian Keating loves the sound as well, and he joined guest host Frank Rackow to talk a bit more about these birds.

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  • Friday June 23, 2017

    Audio Weekend bio blitz in the Weaslehead

    From woodpeckers to ladybugs and beetles, the Weaslehead is home to a wide variety of creatures. Tomorrow, citizen scientists are invited to take part in a Bio Blitz in the southwest natural area. Christina Pickles is one of the organizers.

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  • Friday June 23, 2017

    Audio Closing arguments to be heard Monday in Derek Saretzky triple murder trial

    Derek Saretzky's triple murder trial in Lethbridge is coming to a close. He is charged with first degree murder in the deaths of 2-year-old Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette, her father Terry and 69 year old Hanne Meketech. CBC reporter Sarah Lawrynuik has more.

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  • Friday June 23, 2017

    Audio Search for the best community thrift store in Alberta

    A thrift store in Canmore, called Crossway Community Thrift, is hosting a Facebook contest. It's goal is to discover the best community thrift store in Alberta. Len Buckley, the Executive Officer of Crossway Community Thrift. He spoke with Jenny Howe.

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