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  • Thursday November 23, 2017

    Audio Enticing people to visit the village of Empress, Alberta

    You could be forgiven if you havent heard of Empress, Alberta. It's a tiny village tucked in the hills east of Medicine Hat, on the Alberta and saskatchewan border. Only 160 people live there. Debbie Ross is the village manager and she wants you to visit!

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  • Wednesday November 22, 2017

    Audio Food Trends: Meal Kit Delivery Services

    Not everyone has time to buy and prepare fresh, homemade dinners on a daily basis nowadays. For those who who want to make it at home, there are meal kit delivery services available. Homestretch food trends columnist Elizabeth Chorney-Booth has details.

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  • Wednesday November 22, 2017

    Audio Details on Canada's new $40B national housing strategy

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his governmment's new national housing strategy in Toronto today. The plan promises $40B in spending over the next decade. Tim Richter is the CEO of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. He joined Doug Dirks.

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  • Wednesday November 22, 2017

    Audio Calgary illustrator Nicole Wolf on new book, 'Drawn Abroad'

    When Nicole Wolf travels, she doesn't rely on her cell phone to capture images. She draws in her sketchbook. The Calgary illustrator volunteered at refugee camps in Turkey and Greece last year, capturing portraits and stories of refugees.

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  • Wednesday November 22, 2017

    Audio Details on Alberta's new dental fee guide

    Alberta has a dental fee guide for the first time in 20 years. The Alberta Dental Association and College released the guide today, in partnership with the province. Sarah Hoffman is Alberta's health minister. She spoke with Doug Dirks.

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  • Wednesday November 22, 2017

    Audio Exploring Calgary Parks: Pearce Estate Park

    Today, Jenny walked through Pearce Estate Park in southeast Calgary with John McFaul, the president of Nature Calgary, and the owner and guide with Alpenglow Nature Hikes.

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  • Tuesday November 21, 2017

    Audio Former Zimbabwe on Robert Mugabe's resignation

    Robert Mugabe resigned as president of Zimbabwe today after 37 years of rule. There was singing and dancing in the streets there, but there have also been celebrations outside the country. Onai Petra Paswani-Abote was a journalist in Zimbabwe.

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  • Tuesday November 21, 2017

    Audio Alan Doyle on his new book, 'A Newfoundlander in Canada'

    Alan Doyle is best known as the lead singer for the Canadian band 'Great Big Sea.' He's also an actor and an author. Doyle has just released his third solo album called 'A Week at the Warehouse' and a new autobiography called 'A Newfoundlander in Canada.'

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  • Tuesday November 21, 2017

    Audio 'She's So Brave' curator Kathryn Valentine

    A new exhibition in Calgary puts a "brave" face on some tragic stories. It's called "She's So Brave" and it honours the resilency of women who have been through some hard times. Kathryn Valentine is the curator of the exhibition.

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  • Monday November 20, 2017

    Audio Deployed: Canadian Army Reservists Overseas

    A new documentary called Deployed: Canadian Army Reservists Overseas will be screened at the end of the month at the Plaza Theatre. Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Vernon is the director of the film. He's also a deputy commander of 41 Canadian Brigade Group.

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