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  • Friday April 28, 2017

    Audio Roots musician Leeroy Stagger on his 11th album, 'Love Versus

    Roots musician Leeroy Stagger is in town to support his new album, Love Versus. He's playing SAIT tonight, but first he joins us in studio for a chat and a live performance. He's brought along Ryland Moranz, guitar player with his band, Rebeltone Sound.

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  • Friday April 28, 2017

    Audio Todd McFarlane

    Calgary's Todd McFarlane got his foot in the door of DC and Marvel comics shorly after graduating William Aberhart High School. Then he went on to create the wildly popular series "Spawn." Todd McFarlane is making his FIRST appearance at the Calgary Expo.

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  • Friday April 28, 2017

    Audio The Amazing Velvet Experience

    Calgary's Rick Smith has one of the largest collections of velvet paintings in North America. Next Friday, the top 200 paintings in his collection will be displayed and then given away at the Glenbow Museum. Caren Anderson will be speaking at the event.

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  • Friday April 28, 2017

    Audio Calgary hair stylist heads to American Crew All Star Challenge

    Next week, a local stylist will be representing Canada at the American Crew All Star Challenge in Brussels. Jenny Howe met Hassan Nasser, the co-owner of Avalon Hair Salon, where he was busy with his scissors, clippers, foils, and dryers.

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  • Friday April 28, 2017

    Audio Wallace Shawn

    It's been 30 years since The Princess Bride was first released in theatres. The world was introduced to Wallace Shawn. Three decades later, fans are still screaming out that famous catchphrase. Which has become somewhat of an annoyance to the actor...

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  • Thursday April 27, 2017

    Audio Three-minute thesis on oil spill research

    A conversation with a young Calgary woman who has perfected the art of explaining her complicated oil spill research in three minutes or less. University of Calgary geoscientist Aprami Jaggi joined Doug Dirks for a conversation in studio.

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  • Thursday April 27, 2017

    Audio James Marsters

    James Marsters is appearing at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, which got underway just a few minutes ago. He played Spike, the surly, soulless, punk-rock Eastender from the hit television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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  • Thursday April 27, 2017

    Audio 'Into the fire: The fight to save Fort McMurray' -- authors and fighterfighters share their stories

    It's a dramatic account of the battle against "The Beast" told by three of the men who fought the flames that ravaged Fort McMurray almost one year ago. Firefighters and now authors Jerron Hawley, Graham Hurley, and Steve Sackett spoke with Doug Dirks.

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  • Thursday April 27, 2017

    Audio Haaziq Altaf: Calgary's 'Mayor for a Day'

    Not many Grade 10 students wake up, put on a suit, and head to City Hall to put in a full days work as Mayor of a major city. But that's exactly what Haaziq Altaf got to do yesterday. He was named Calgary's 'Mayor For A Day.'

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  • Wednesday April 26, 2017

    Audio 'Miles Electric' bandleader Vincent Wilburn Jr.

    Vincent Wilburn Jr. leads the 10-man band known as Miles Electric. He is also Miles Davis' nephew and toured with the legendary musician back in the 1980's. The group performs in Calgary this week, but first Vince joined Doug Dirks on the line.

    Listen 7:27

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