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Real or fake vanilla? Chocolate chunk cookies put to the taste test

The cost of the world's most popular baking flavour is up, so food blogger Julie Van Rosendaal tries the artificial version.

Use these tips to streamline dinner without meal kits

Meal kits have been gaining popularity in recent years but the neatly packed boxes aren't the only way to save time on busy evenings.

Fight winter blues with hash brown quiche and marinated lentils

These anti-winter dishes make for satisfying pick-me-up lunches, says food writer Julie Van Rosendaal.

Tiny brisket, cheesy tartiflette work for any dinner this holiday weekend

Julie Van Rosendaal offers a recipe sure to please Easter or Passover dinner party.

Sweet and sour ketchup chicken hits 'all the right notes'

Ketchup is arguably the star of the condiment aisle but rarely makes an appearance in the cooking pan.

Taste test a savoury Moroccan lamb pie on Pi Day

A lamb shoulder cooked low and slow can be turned into a delicious dish for dinner, Julie Van Rosendaal says.

How to cook a perfect steak using a skillet

You don't always need a grill to cook a perfect steak.
Food and the City

Big Taste a 'unique and affordable' way to explore Calgary food, says Julie Van Rosendaal

The Big Taste is a more than week-long food festival that involves almost 100 eateries.

Julie Van Rosendaal's recipe for hamantaschen

There is no food more closely tied to the Jewish holiday of Purim than hamantaschen, Eastern European sugar cookies folded into triangles to enclose various fillings.

Julie Van Rosendaal's tips for cooking DIY falafel

Falafel is a delicious street food, but for those Calgarians who want to stay home, stay warm and watch the Olympics, she shares her DIY falafel recipe.

Here's an easy-to-make Valentine's Day dessert

There isn’t a clear story about the origins of pandowdy, and sometimes what constitutes the dish itself is inconsistent — in fact, you’ll come across cobblers that have adopted the name.

How to make sourdough bread using homemade yeast starter

If you’ve been pondering playing around with a sourdough starter — creating a natural leavening agent by cultivating wild yeast using a paste of flour and water — it’s a good time of year to start.

Kick up your nachos for Super Bowl Sunday

Looking to up your nacho game? They make a simple and substantial snack on Super Bowl Sunday, but they have far more potential beyond tortilla chips, grated cheese and ground beef, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

A kale salad to use up every leftover winter veggie in your fridge

This warm, hearty dish can be adapted with cooked grains, like farro or quinoa, and travels and stores well for a filling packed lunch.

Insta-curious? Julie Van Rosendaal takes the Instant Pot for a spin

The Instant Pot has been the runaway appliance hit of 2017. The multi-cooker is an electric pressure cooker and slow cooker in one, with additional functionalities that set it apart from similar appliances.