Age, for some, is just a number.

Alan Day, from Victoria, B.C., was in Calgary to compete in the Western Canadian 100% Raw Powerlifting Competition — and he did pretty well.

He lifted 144 pounds. What's the catch?

He turned 91 on his last birthday, so that lift could be a record-breaker.

Alan Day

Alan Day has been lifting weights for about 75 years. (Andrew Brown/CBC)

"It's something I love doing," Day tells CBC News.

"About three times a week most of my life. I'll always lift weights."

Day has been lifting weights for about 75 years.

For him, a home gym is the way to go.

Alan Day

Alan Day says a home gym helps him stay motivated. (Supplied)

"I have a pretty good gym in my basement," Day said.

Gary Abbott, Day's trainer, says there is more to the athletic senior than just lifting weights.

"We train together every Monday and after that I hang out with him for a little while, he makes me a nice home-cooked meal and we shoot the breeze for a little while," Abbott

"It is super good really, he is an inspiration to everybody. He is a very nice chap."

Gary Abbott

Trainer Gary Abbott says Day is stronger than your average 20-year-old. (Andrew Brown/CBC)

Abbott says for Day, 91 is just a number.

"He is stronger than the average 25-year-old, let's put it that way," Abbott explained.

"He can bench press close to his own body weight, which most 20-year-olds can't. Ninety per cent of 20 year olds can't."

Day says he isn't finished.

He plans on being the first 100-year-old to lift 100 pounds.

Abbott hopes to see that first-hand.

"He is pretty strong," Abbott said.

"He is pretty incredible."