A Calgary sports physiologist is questioning the value of power skating techniques for hockey players.

Mike Bracko, director of Calgary's Institute for Hockey Research, says traditional power skating overemphasizes figure skating and speedskating techniques that don't produce the right results for hockey players.

Figure and speed skaters use forward-to-backward arm movement while NHL stars swing their arms from side-to-side while skating, said Bracko.

"Many power skating instructional programs — including the way Hockey Canada teaches their coaches to teach skating — they're teaching it wrong," he said.

But Mike Evans, head instructor of P&P Power Skating and Core Power, disagrees, saying it's still all about the basics.

"Power skating as a whole is still edge work and skating, working on the stride, working on being efficient," said Evans. "That, you can never take away from either one of the philosophies. Those things are still going to be there."

Evans said power skating instruction has evolved through the years and relies less on figure skating and speedskating techniques and more on side-to-side power strides.