A Calgary pot activist has filed a complaint with the provincial Human Rights Commission against Alberta Health Services.

Lisa Kirkman is challenging a policy that restricts where she can use her medical marijuana vapourizer in hospitals.

Kirkman has long been pushing the boundaries on where she can consume her medical marijuana, which she uses to control symptoms related to chronic degenerative conditions. 

"I have no choice but to use this medication and I have to use it often,” she said.


Pictured last year, Lisa Kirkman demonstrates the vapourizer she uses to ingest marijuana. (CBC)

Vaporizers heat the plant and turn the active ingredient into a vapour, which is then inhaled.

Alberta Health Services requires patients to use medical marijuana vapourizers in designated negative pressure rooms where the vapour can be contained.

AHS declined an interview request, but said in a statement it has to ensure the health of other patients and staff.

Kirkman argues her vapourizer is safe.

"The very machine has a sticker on it from their [AHS] maintenance department approving it as being safe to be used in their facilities."

Kirkman staged a public protest outside the Harry Hays building on Tuesday after being evicted from its lobby where she was using her vapourizer. 

The Alberta Human Rights Commission says it can't comment on the case because complaints are confidential until they reach the tribunal stage.