The Stampede is attracting some big name celebrities, but there’s also been several sightings of people who spend their day shaping politics.

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau shook hands and posed for photos with fans just behind the parade on Friday morning.

And he's doing a few Liberal events in the coming days including flipping pancakes.

He said he’s been to the Stampede several times because it’s a fun time for the family

"It's a great chance to relax and take off the tie and be a little less stuffy than politicians are usually seen and anything that does that I think is good for politics and for politicians," Trudeau said.

Meanwhile, Green party leader Elizabeth May watched the parade a few blocks down from where Trudeau was.

She said Stampede is a great way to meet people.

"Because as federal party leader, I believe that we're all party leaders come to Calgary for Stampede that's where you should be," May said.

Mount Royal University political scientist Duane Bratt said just about every local politician was in the parade and those that don't show, will be noticed.

"Because it is such a large event it is viewed by so many people there were so many people at the parade you know over a million people will show up it's just a cultural icon that you have to do your meet and greet here," Bratt said.

The Prime minister is also here and the leaders of the Liberals and NDP also plan to visit.