Calgary police say they still don't know why a young woman was found dead in the middle of a road near downtown Calgary early this morning.

'We’re going to be canvassing the neighbourhood.' — Staff Sgt. John McCarthy

A taxi driver called police after discovering the body at 15th Avenue and 15th Street S.W. around 4 a.m. MT.

Duty Insp. Rick Tuza says police also got a call two minutes later about an abandoned beige Cadillac on 12th Avenue and First Street S.W. that had been crashed into two concrete posts.

"It looked like there was significant damage but I can't speak to any evidence that would link either scene to each other at this point," Tuza said.

"Currently, homicide and traffic are investigating these incidents to determine if there are any links."

15th Avenue and 15th Street S.W. Calgary

Traffic investigators are trying to determine if the woman was the victim of a hit and run.

Blood was visible on the road where the woman's body was found and investigators cordoned off several blocks in the area Wednesday.

"We’re going to be canvassing the neighbourhood, looking at the crime scene, if it is a crime scene," said Staff Sgt. John McCarthy.

"So far we don’t know anything about what happened."