Police are investigating two crime scenes on Harvest Park Way N.E. ((CBC))

Police investigating a home invasion in Harvest Hills in northeast Calgary discovered a marijuana grow-op just a few doors away.

Just after midnight on Sunday, two men forced their way into a home in the 500 block of Harvest Park Way N.E. The suspects rifled through the house and awoke the residents.

A struggle ensued, but the culprits fled on foot with an "undisclosed amount of property," said police. One of the victims suffered minor injuries.

Both men are described as white, standing about five feet, nine inches tall and weighing about 200 pounds.

Officers who went door to door in the neighbourhood, looking for witnesses to the home invasion then came across the grow-op, said Staff Sgt. Grant Miller on Monday.

"Our young constables attended to that second location and found a basement window was insecure," said Miller. "As we feared for the safety of the people in that residence, we entered the residence to clear it and determine everyone's safety. And in doing so we came across a very large hydroponic grow operation in that house."

Police seized more than 800 marijuana plants, which they estimated had a street value of over $1 million. No charges have yet been laid.

The house had signs posted in its front window Monday describing it as a scene under investigation and that the home is unfit for human habitation.