Police plan noisy vehicle crackdown with new decibel meters

Calgary police are planning a crackdown on excessively noisy vehicles later this summer.

Excessively loud motorcycles, cars could trigger tickets under Traffic Safety Act

Calgary police are planning a crackdown on excessively noisy vehicles later this summer.

The force has purchased new decibel meters which will help officers measure which motorcycles, cars or trucks are too loud.

Staff Sgt. Paul Stacey says they're responding to public complaints about the noise.

“We're going to conduct some training and some testing and then we should be out in full force in August starting to do that, we'll do that for the rest of the summer.”

Stacey said there isn't an actual limit on noise under the Traffic Safety Act, but officers do have the discretion to issue tickets.

“It really disrupts everybody's peace and joy when they're sitting on outdoor patios and things like that or even when you're driving along and somebody beside you and then they crack the accelerator and scare the tar out of people that are in the vehicles next to them,” he said.  

In 2012 the city's bylaw services department introduced a device called a Noise Snare which acted like photo radar when triggered by excessively noisy vehicles.

But no tickets were ever issued and the city discontinued use of the device last year after a dispute with the manufacturer resulted in the contract being terminated.


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