Police officer who shot pickup driver on Calgary street cleared

A Calgary police officer will not be facing any charges in connection to a shooting in November 2013.

Matthew Jack Brown suffered a serious, incapacitating injury in the incident

A man drove a pickup truck into a house in the southeast community of Albert Park after being shot by a Calgary police officer in November. (CBC)

A Calgary police officer will not be facing any charges in connection to a shooting in November 2013.

The incident started when two uniformed officers were following up on a missing persons complaint in the 2800 block of 12th Avenue southeast. 

A citizen approached them and directed them to a suspicious vehicle that had been parked in the area since 6:30 a.m. MT with man sleeping inside and the engine running.

One police officer approached the driver side of the truck and the other approached the passenger side.

"The driver appeared to be asleep and was slow to respond to police commands. After a brief conversation, the driver, without warning, backed the truck up and then it stalled," said officials in a release.

The family of Matthew Jack Brown said in November he had a bullet lodged in his neck and was struggling to survive. (CBC)

"The police officer who had been on the driver’s side walked in front of the truck ordering the driver not to move the vehicle. The driver restarted the vehicle and proceeded to move forward towards the police officer." 

The officer standing on the passenger side fired twice, hitting the driver in the neck with one bullet.

The truck, which police say was stolen, then slammed into a house down the street. A man and boy were in the home, but were not injured.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) investigated and now says no charges will be laid.

Offiicals say the driver suffered a serious, incapacitating injury. His family has identified him as Matthew Jack Brown.

They said in November that he had a bullet lodged in his neck which damaged his vertebrae