A Calgary judge says police officers who shot a knife-wielding man to death in 2008 after he killed his wife acted lawfully and reasonably. (Mike Moynihan/CBC)

A fatality report released on Wednesday recommends more police training for dealing with so-called “suicide by cop” situations.

The report examined a 2008 incident in the southwest Calgary community of Bankview in 2008 where 33-year-old Sabah Yousif Rizig was stabbed to death by her husband Walid Mohamed Maragan.

Maragan, 35, was later shot to death by police after refusing to drop his knife and calling for the officers to "come and get him."

Provincial court Judge Judith Shriar concluded the police officers acted lawfully and reasonably. She made no recommendations for preventing deaths similar to Rizig’s.

However, Shriar said Calgary Police Service's Insp. Christopher Butler — who conducted an independent review of the incident — “made a number of thoughtful and constructive recommendations regarding situations like that created by Mr. Maragan."

Shriar accepted Butler's suggestion that officers should get training in management strategies and identifying pre-incident indicators.

Steps should also be made to ensure dispatch provide information to police heading to the scene to ensure they know what they are walking into. 

Finally, Shriar said officials should look into giving police officers easier access to social and mental health information.