A year after two Cochrane kids found a human skull, Alberta RCMP are again asking for the public's help to identify who the skull belonged to. 

A clay sculpture was created to replicate what they think the person looked like. Mounties say they believe the person died within a year of the discovery and have determined it’s a Caucasian male. 

“This is an approximation, it’s not an exact replica, so we also ask the public not to focus on the color of the eyes or the hairstyle that’s on the model, but more on the generalities of the face in an effort to try and identify this individual.“

Calgary's medical examiner has previously said they believe the man was between the ages of 20 and 60 and the individual had a broken nose that had healed before he died.

Officers have extracted DNA and dental records, but have not been able to identify the person. No other related bones were found.

RCMP have had few tips in the case but, investigators hope the sculpture leads to some help from the public.

Human skull

RCMP created this sculpture after a skull was found in Cochrane, Alta. This is what they believe the man looked like, but warn the public not to focus on hair style, eyes or age. (Meghan Grant/CBC)




(Courtesy RCMP)