A pair of pit bulls have been seized by Calgary’s Animal and Bylaw Services for behavioural assessment after a dog was attacked outside a home in the southwest.

The attack happened Aug. 8 in Coach Hill and left the dog needing extensive veterinary care to treat multiple bite wounds.

Animal and Bylaw Services has laid five charges against the owner of the pit bulls.

The charges include one count of animal at large, two counts of damage to an animal and two counts of having an unlicensed animal. More charges could be laid pending completion of the investigation.

"Animal and Bylaw Services makes public safety a top priority and aggressive animal behaviour will not be tolerated," said Damian Cole, manager of south operations.

"Under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, owners are held responsible for the behaviour of their animals and people must be aware of these responsibilities when looking to add a dog of any breed to their family."

The city is encouraging owners of aggressive dogs to contact the Calgary Humane Society or a certified dog trainer to help resolve any aggression issues.

Anyone who witnesses an animal acting aggressively or running at large are encouraged to call the city at 311. If there is imminent public risk or injuries are involved, people are advised by the city to call 911.