A new pilot program could see volunteers patrolling Calgary's off-leash dog parks to keep dog owners in line.

The proposed Off-Leash Ambassador Program is designed to promote awareness around dog park etiquette. The aldermen behind it want $75,000 from the Council Innovation Fund to train potential volunteers.

"People want to do the right thing, and if they know what the rules are and they understand why those rules exist, I'm pretty sure most people will do the right thing," said Ward 4 Ald. Gael MacLeod.

She and Ward 1 Ald. Dale Hodges plan to go before council to request funding for the program.

So far, the aldermen say about 40 people have shown interest in volunteering.

The volunteers would not have the power to fine pet owners for bad behaviour. Instead, they would be there to help owners understand their responsibilities with regards to their pet's behaviour.

"This is just about helping people understand what the rules are," said MacLeod.

"It really is about responsible pet ownership."