The Calgary Police Service is reminding people that it never asks for money from the public, after a report of an impersonator requesting money from an elderly man.

On Oct. 20, an elderly man living in the northeast community of Vista Heights began receiving calls from a private telephone number. The man ignored more than 12 of these calls throughout the day, answering only once. 

The caller told the man he was a Calgary Police Service detective and claimed he required a large sum of money to resolve a case involving criminal activity on the seniors' computer.

The elderly man hung up the phone and called police, and an officer was sent to his home.

While the officer was at the home, the same number called again and the officer picked up the phone.

The officer was able to speak briefly with the caller before the caller hung up.

Police are asking Calgarians to report any similar calls and to try and record as much information as possible about the caller, including any numbers visible on call display.