Penguin babies out with rest of Calgary Zoo flock

Two baby penguins are out with the rest of the colony now at the Calgary Zoo.

Gentoo chicks were born earlier this summer

Arabel and Weddell are the parents of one of the new penguin chicks born this summer at the Calgary Zoo. (Calgary Zoo)

Two baby penguins are out with the rest of the colony now at the Calgary Zoo.

One of the gentoo chicks was born at the end of June and the other in early July.

Curator Malu Celli says the parents are doing a good job of raising their babies.

“They're doing really well. We haven't got our hands on them yet, so we don't know their weights but judging by their size, they're just growing as they should be and, yeah, we see all the right behaviours, all the milestones, so we think they're definitely on the right track.

Celli says they haven't been named yet.

“We don't know the sexes of the chicks yet. Because at this age you can't really tell and with penguins, you can't really tell unless you do DNA. So we need the vets to get hold of them, draw a little bit of blood and then do a DNA testing and we're just waiting until they're a little bit bigger for that to happen.”

Celli says there are now 23 penguins in the zoo's colony.


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